Cheap Rolex Replica Watches

Rolex replica watches

Rolex replica watches


When traveling I always enjoy shopping in the back streets of the different cities I visit. Almost every city I see Fake Rolexes selling for $25 Rolex replica watches – $50 and sometimes more. These have always interested me because I have always dreamed of owning a real Rolex but can not see spending that kind of money on one. Over the period of the last few years I have purchased a few of these $50 watches and they actually ran good for a few months and in one Rolex replica watches case, I still have one running after 3 years but the band and case are worn out. I have noticed on these cheap watches, Rolex replica watches they are not real stainless steel but look to be brass and then coated with a stainless steel looking coating.

Was it worth the $50 I spent on the watch, well yes, I enjoyed it, it worked and looked good on my wrist. I felt good wearing it but everyone asked me if it was a fake. I didn’t know why they kept asking me but my friend who owns a real one says people ask him the same questions. I guess people just assume every Rolex is a fake unless your driving a Mercedes or Lincoln.

After some research and talking to people that were selling the faakes on the streets,


Rolex replica watches

found out that the Street Watches were usually a very poor quality copy especially the ones selling for $35 – $50.00 My friend who owns many very high quality replicas says you need to buy from the internet if you really want a High Quality copy that is hard to tell from the real watch. After a couple weeks of research on the internet I found so many sites all saying they have the best quality so Rolex replica watches I was a little confused on who to buy from. I compared them and I could see the quality difference Rolex replica watches immediatly. It was heavy and not light, and the watch felt Rolex replica watches quality. I have been wearing that watch for 3 Rolex replica watches years now and the band has never worn and it looks as new as the day I purchased it.

Yes there is a difference between the chaep ones and the more expensive ones. I paid $149.00 for the good one and I felt it was a good deal considering the length of time I havee been wearing it everyday. I am going to order a new one Rolex replica watches now and I was happy to see the website was still in business.


My advice to you is, if your going to get a Replica Watch, spend the extra money Rolex replica watches and get a better quality one. $50 is not going to get you a quality watch. You need to spend $100 and up and

Rolex replica watches

most of all buy from a site that does not have complaints. Always search the name of the website for complaints in Google first before you buy.

I must mention, I compaired my watch to my friends real one and he was surprised. He Rolex replica watches told me “Do you have any idea what I paid for mine” I took that as a way of saying my watch was very good. I could tell he was a little sick knowing what I paid for mineand thewatches looked exactly alike. Even the smooth running second hand looked the same Rolex replica watches.

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